Not just Something in the Water: More big events coming to Virginia Beach

11 April 2023


Following the big something in the water lineup dropped, Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer teased other new experiences coming to the oceanfront soon. He focused his state of the city address on the future on what the community can look forward to in their own backyards. Allison Basil joins us live from Virginia Beach. And Allison, there’s an exciting summer season ahead for sure. Yes, David, so the city of Virga Beach is celebrating its 60th anniversary milestone with a lot of new experiences.

And as you said, we know that a lot of great musical talent is coming to the oceanfront. But today, Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer announced legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is also coming to the Jackalope Festival this . Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m Ty Hawk and I’ll be in Virginia Beh for the Jackalope Action Sports festival to do a first showdown with some of my legendary frien. Jack.

Republicans, don’t miss o. Jackalope Festival is making its debut on US soil on June 2nd, now with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. Don’t miss out, it’s going to be an iconic moment.


Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer closed out his state of the city address with the special announcement. Festival founder Micah de Forges says people will see a variety f extreme sports, a bouldering wall, climbing wall.

We also have base jumping. People were jumping with their parachute from the top of the Hilton Hotel. Also announced the beach event season kicks off in just a month with the Bulls and barrels. Beach Rodeo right on the sand. That’s followed by something ine water and beach at music festiv, and then an immersive Van Gogh art experience will take over the Convention Center in July.

Not just Something in the Water: More big events coming to Virginia Beach

You know, it’s something for everybody that the business community is growing too, Dyer says. Big technology and manufacturing companies like drone up, Sanjo and still are expanding their buildings and creating more jobs in the coming years, city manager Patrick Duhaney sa. Old Dominion. University is also working to bring a new Institute of Data Science te Town Center area. We are thrivi.

This is who we are.


We are 60 years strong. And also this summer, Mayor Dyer says his youth violee Prevention Task Force members wl offer expanded programming and activities for the community ina program called Parks after Dark. And they work together with the Parks and Recreation Department to bring that this season live in Virginia Be. Alison Basil, 13 News now.


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