Fast Food Ads vs. Real Life Food (Test)

– Which fast food burger looks most like its advertisement? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning. – Bad news y’all, ain’t the only place where photos look a little too good to be true, know what I’m saying? (chuckles) – Well get ready for this seamless segue because fast food commercials and advertisements are also guilty of enhancing appearances of their burgers. – So in the spirit of competition, we’re gonna see which fast food chain’s advertisements look most like the real thing, and which one is the biggest liar. It’s time for Ad Boys Ad Boys, Burger Edition. Okay, we have put on our bluish burger-judging blazers. – Mm-hmm, because we mean business. – Yes. – And we’re gonna judge what some of the most iconic fast food burgers look like in reality versus what they look like in the ads.

– And for quality control, we visited three different restaurant locations for each chain, because you know, you can’t guarantee that every spot is gonna be the winner winner bovine dinner. – No. (upbeat music) Okay, so in each round, we’re gonna select one burger from our sample size of three that is most closely representative of the ad burger, and that one will move on to a competition against the other chains in the other rounds to determine which chain has the best ad-like burger. – Yes, and first up, the Big Mac. Mickey D’s debuted this burger in 1967 with two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. And it hasn’t changed much since, so here’s an outdoor ad for McDonald’s restaurants in the UK that suggests the Big Mac was the best burger since the dawn of time.

– [Link] Oh I get it, you search bi over there, this is what you get. – [Rhett] You get Big Mac followed by big bang. – Every time I see a Big Mac in an ad, I want to eat the Big Mac. It is so effective. I mean, if you look at this one. – [Rhett] That’s a weak one, I mean, that’s the runt of the litter right here. – [Link] There’s a lot of bread showing in this one. – I mean look, that one angle, that’s bread only. (crew laughs) Look at that, you would just think I got a stack of bread. – I mean, do you even need to compare that one? – [Rhett] Nope. – Look at that, looks like a freakin’ Egg McMuffin. – Moving along, okay. – All right so then this one right here. You know, I’ll do a little restacking, ain’t nothing wrong with that, is there? – Well. – Well I guess not, okay. How does that go? Because this one right here– – That one that you’re touching right now, is clearly the best one of this pack.

Put that one up here. – Yeah this one’s not as good. – Put the good one up here. – So here’s our best contender, throw it over there. – And by the way, I do not think that restacking is allowed because– – [Link] Yeah you’re right. – You’re not the employee, this was stacked. – So do some positioning there. – Position is okay though. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. – [Rhett] Now if I was just to do this, you’d be like “that’s not bad, I see all the ingredients.” – [Link] Bring up the glove. – [Rhett] Then you come up here and you’re like “what?” – [Link] But still, that’s the best Big Mac.

– In here, now just so you realize, as we learned when we did the Fancy Fast Food a while back, cheese is only on the bottom floor of a Big Mac. If you want cheese on the top floor, you got to ask for it, and they will charge you for it. – Yup, but then you’ll be happier for it. – I do not see any pickles, I do not see any sauce creeping out and saying “hello, I’m sauce,” and I do not see the burger at all. – Yeah but that is definitely the best one, it moves on. (upbeat music) Next up we’ve got Big Mac’s arch nemesis, the Whopper. Boy, that looks good, look at that, but that’s just an ad, and this ad is from the Twitter account from Burger King Turkey.

Now we put the text– – [Rhett] I follow that already. – Google and it translated it into “how many people can make a Whopper happy?” which we can only assume is Turkish for have it your way. – I don’t know, hold on, that sounds like a deep existential question. – [Both] How many people can make a Whopper happy? – And see, the thing is– – I have no idea. – The thing with the Whopper is by default it has no cheese, which is just. – It’s sad, you could get a Whopper with cheese, but we didn’t. – I don’t get it. – Let’s look at what we got.

Let’s see how close we got. – Look at these puppies. – Wowe boy. – The flatness is happening big time. Now okay. (Rhett sighs) First of all, look at that onion ring just like. (crew laughs) – [Rhett] At least it’s like “hey, I’ve got onions.” – [Link] And this one’s like “hey, I got a tomato.” – [Rhett] This one’s like “hey, look” – [Link] I got a peek of an onion. – [Rhett] A peek of an onion, but nothing else. – See now, this one– – Spin it around, see if it’s got a better angle. – [Link] Is one’s the most boring one. – [Rhett] Spin it around, see what the back looks like. – [Link] Oh look at that, hey I got a little nasty lettuce. – And then I’m just a bread bomb. So let’s get rid of that. – We gotta get rid of that one. So this one, hey, we got some tomato. – [Rhett] Tomato spillage. – [Link] Oh gosh, look at that. – That is so sad. Are you telling me the one with the onion that’s just hanging on for dear life is going to win? (laughs) – [Link] I mean, these cheeks are just pooching together so much.

There’s some onion. – Do a full rotation of the crazy onion one. – [Link] Okay, crazy onion, crazy onion, mayo. – Hey, that’s a pretty good line right there, look at that, that’s not a bad line. I mean, you can’t see the tomato. – You do a complete rotation over here next to that one if we’re thinking that’s the one. – This is, now the onion is sort of doing its own thing at this point, but I gotta say that this is very flat, but I’m seeing that it’s got mayonnaise, I’m seeing that it’s got lettuce.

– [Link] Rotate it. – And I’m seeing that it’s got an onion, and it’s a pretty flat line. At no point, it almost touches, but then it says “lettuce time!” Right when you think it’s about to be all bread, you’re reminded that there’s also lettuce on this burger. And then you come back around here, again, no evidence of tomatoes or pickles, or even ketchup or any other sauces besides, is Whopper mayonnaise on top or is that a special sauce? That’s mayonnaise, right? – I mean, it’s mayonnaise, yeah, and they put a lot of mayonnaise. I mean, even if I tried to stack two Whoppers, it’s not that much, it’s about the right height. I mean, it’s a little more. – But sadly I think that this is the best that Burger King has to offer. (upbeat music) Okay, introduced in 2007, the Wendy’s Baconator is made of two fresh, never frozen four-ounce beef patties, two slices of American cheese, six strips of bacon, mayonnaise, and ketchup, and this ad came from an American Wendy’s campaign convincing consumers to not only eat a huge bacon burger, but also official Baconator fries to complete the meal.

– Okay. – Look at this thing. America really knows how to out-America itself. – [Link] (laughs) Hey, but that looks good, man. – This is a good burger, I’ve had it a few times, and every time I’m reminded like man, this seems wrong but it feels so right. – A freakin’ behemoth, it’s so tall. And let’s see what reality has given us. Okay. – I will say that– – This one right here. – I’m pretty impressed right off the bat because I’m seeing every ingredient that it promises. – [Link] Yeah, it’s all hanging out. – [Rhett] Peeking out there. – Oh and look at that, there’s the slender angle. That’s not as good, let’s go back to this. So that’s a good shot right there. – [Rhett] That’s looking pretty good. Do a quick rotation of these other two, see where they stand, oh no, that’s ugly. There’s a little teeny bit of bacon, I don’t see much cheese. – [Link] Gosh, that is sadness. All right so let’s get rid of that one. – And also they lined the corners up.

You can’t do that, you have to do corner, aren’t you supposed to do corner offset? – Catty corner? – Catty corner. – [Link] Well this one’s got, I mean, it’s got a whole thing is just floppin’ off. – Yeah well, we’ll ignore that for now. – It smells good, I will tell them that. Tell ’em it smells good. – Uh and this one. – [Link] Could this one be better? – [Rhett] Nah, there’s no way, this one’s definitely. – [Link] Well look at that. – But let’s just get all angles of this thing. Again, I see all the ingredients coming out and saying “hello, I’m here to play in your mouth.” And then I mean look, bacon, I mean, there’s like a beef hernia.

– Oh no, come on, don’t talk about hernias when you’re talking about food, man. – [Rhett] I’d take a bite of that right there though. I mean, that’s not, that’s not horrible. – That’s, oh okay. – Like right there? – [Link] A little further. – [Rhett] What, right there? – [Link] No, other way. Keep going, keep going. Oh there, because you get the peek of it. – [Rhett] You get bacon on both sides. Oh okay at that, you got a little bacon skirt coming off both sides.

– Yeah, ooh yeah, that definitely moves on. – That’s not bad at all. (upbeat music) – Now we got Carl’s Jr., or as we know it, Hardee’s, Famous Star, and the ingredients include a char-broiled all-beef patty, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, dill pickles, special sauce that looks like ketchup and mayo on a seeded bun, and this ad is for a limited time $3.90 Famous Star burger with cheese. – $3.90? – I’m sorry to report that promotion is over. – Oh crap. – Do not get excited. – I was just so excited. – [Link] The food styling on this thing is just, it’s out of this world.

I mean, that’s too much to expect. You got that little triangle of cheese just flopping over right in between the onion crevice. I mean, it’s not this. – I kinda feel like it’s a little too on the crevice, if you know what I mean. I kinda feel like you don’t want your cheese point to go into your onion crevice. – Right, right. – Especially when somebody’s watching. (laughs) – Let’s see what reality has dealt us here. – [Rhett] Oh my gosh. – Everything’s flatter in real life. – Things flatten out, it’s entropy. – If you know anything at our age– – It’s like the universe. – It’s that gravity always wins, trust me. – Uh. – [Link] Well let’s get a little rotation here.

I mean, we gotta, that’s bad, that’s bad. – These look like twins, like triplets that nobody wants to date. (laughs) – [Link] So look at that. – [Rhett] Oh man. – [Link] So there’s that one, that’s the best, oh there’s something peeking. – I like the evidence of sauce. Evidence of sauce is one of my favorite things in the world. – [Link] It’s also a very good crime television show. – [Rhett] And you know what, that’s pretty consistent as you turned it. – [Link] I like that right there. – Pretty consistent. I mean, this thing’s got lettuce mayhem, I’m not feeling, let’s get rid of this one. – All right, get rid of it. – Hold on, there is a lot of lettuce in that picture though. But it looks way different. This lettuce is white. – Is there cheese in a crevice? – At least this lettuce is green. – [Link] Now I got a surprise for you because this starts out bready, bready, bready, bready, lettuce! – Hold on, we got, hold on. – Look at that. – We’re getting a similar color combo to what we’ve got in the picture, and look at that cheese corner.

That cheese corner’s coming out and trying to get in somebody’s crevice. – Put that over there. Look at that, that’s the one. – [Rhett] I mean, it’s a messy burger, but look, we’ve got all the ingredients. I don’t really see, I even see the onion down there, look at that onion. Where is it, what side is my finger on? Down in there, got onion down in there. – [Link] What is that right there? – [Rhett] That’s a cheese and beef water slide. – [Link] Is that another beef hernia? – Yeah, there’s some herniage going on in there, but sadly this is the best that Carl’s Jr.

Has to offer. – Moves on. (upbeat music) – All right, now we’ve got the best of the burger batches for the real competition, which restaurant has the best-looking burger, according to their ads? – We’ve got the double quadrant configuration here, and as we look closely, let’s start with what we think is the worst, let’s just go ahead and place that at the bottom. Now, I mean the Big Mac– – The Big Mac has a nice bottom. – [Link] The top burger, I don’t even know if it’s there. – [Rhett] I love that bottom on the Big Mac. – But you’re right. – Ooh. – The Whopper, I mean the Carl’s Jr. is all over the place. – [Rhett] The thing about the Carl’s Jr., it’s got all the ingredients, it’s got everything that is in the picture, it just isn’t pretty.

– [Link] The Whopper is an utter disappointment. – [Rhett] The difference between what the Whopper promises in the ad and what the Whopper gives you in reality. – Kinda like your first year of marriage. – Yeah, exactly, huge, (crew laughs) huge disappointment, and that was from my wife’s perspective, not from my perspective. – Right, you know what I’m talking about. – Just to be clear. (crew laughs) Put that in the bottom. – Yeah so, Whopper, man. – Sorry Burger King. – Maybe if you put cheese on all of them by default, it’d be different, probably not though, all right. – Now what’s the next worst? (Link sighs) Because listen, the Big Mac’s nice on the bottom, but it’s just like not a lot happening up top. – I think it’s the foundation is great, and then it gets canceled out because you’re like, oh gosh, the burger’s invisible. – It’s the one of those houses they started to build and then they stopped because they ran out of money. – Yeah. – You’re like okay, is anybody gonna ever move in there on the corner? I don’t think so.

– I mean, the Carl’s Jr. is ugly, but like you said, it’s all there. – Yeah, you can’t even see beef on the second story. I think that’s a problem, we’re going second worst for the Big Mac. – Now we haven’t talked about the Baconator yet because I mean, it’s not nearly as tall. Oh, you’re gonna throw that over there, okay, there you go brother. I mean, the stackage of that ad is just, it’s unattainable, there’s toothpicks all in that thing. Some food stylist like blew their budget on– – Yeah, for real. – I don’t know, some sort of– – You wouldn’t want to eat that, you would die if you ate this, it’s got so much support built in. – It’s actually good that it doesn’t look like the ad, is that what you’re saying? – Yeah, but here’s the thing about this burger in real life, and I don’t know how to interpret this, but the fact that the Baconator isn’t trying so many things with so many ingredients, the fact that it doesn’t, there’s no vegetables, it’s not even trying to have vegetables.

– Yeah, that’s smart. – And so there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong. It’s kind of the squished version of what you see here. This is showing everything, but I’m not appetized by that much lettuce. – It’s like the ad went through an earthquake, you know what I’m saying? – Right. – But it doesn’t have a cheese wedge, and I gotta acknowledge that wedge is nestled into some sort of darkness, and I do like that. But I think it’s clear, you grab that one, I’ll grab this one, and here we go, ladies and gentlemen, according to us. – The most ad-worthy burger is the Baconator from Wendy’s. There you have it, it’s definitive. (crew applauds) – Man, and now everybody go to Wendy’s. Everybody’s running out to get a Baconator now, you’re welcome Wendy. – In gonna eat that one. – Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. – You know what time it is.

– Hi, I’m Robin and we just got done doing a fast food taste test on my good mythical birthday, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Good mythical birthday. – Yeah, girl. – All right, click the top link to watch us guess some really stupid fast food mascots and see if they’re real in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] It’s our classiest design yet, the GMM Heritage Long Sleeve is available now at

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